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Cleaner Environment * Better Health

Extra services

* Clean under oven top, add foil (if possible) $20

Did you know that you can lift up the top of your stove and clean under it? Food and liquids collect there and it can get pretty ugly (and stinky) over time. We clean it and layer it with a fresh layer of foil to make the clean-up easier in the future.

* Oven cleaning + 2 racks $25 (request additional rack $5 per rack)

Cleaning of oven top, inside the oven and the racks as requested. We always clean your oven top, but if you want to make sure that your oven will be cleaned also inside, you need to request this service!

* Oven + Fridge Cleaning $30 total

Clean under and around fridge and oven. We will do our best to safely pull the appliances away from the wall and clean as much as possible. This might be very difficult in tiny NYC apartments so please make sure that is possible before you add on this service.

* Detailed Cleaning of all the doors $5 per door

This is something we might do anyway if we have time but if you want to be sure that your doors will be washed then please add that service.

* Window Cleaning $10 per window

We clean your windows inside and if possible we do clean them also outside as long it's not dangerous for our cleaners. We do not clean windows outside which has AC attached.

Please let us know if your windows are larger than normal size. We will adjust your rate accordingly.

You need to provide paper towels and step ladder (if necessary) for this service!

!!! Rate does not include washing of window frames.

* Detailed Cleaning of AC $20

We will clean every nook and cranny of your AC. If possible, we will open it and wash the filter too. This will make your AC more efficient. This is recommended to do at the beginning and end of the summer.

* Blind Cleaning $15 per blind / $40 an hour

We might go over the blinds with the Dry Swiffer as part of the cleaning anyway but you should mention it to us anyway if you want to be sure they will be dry duster.

If you want your blinds to be individually cleaned with paper towels and a cleaning product then you need to request it ahead of time and pay extra. This is a very time consuming task and sometimes we need to send in an extra Cleaner just to clean the blinds.

Blinds in size up to 45 in. $15 per blind

Blinds in size more than 45 in. $40 an hour

You need to provide paper towels and step ladder (if necessary) for this service!

* Removing the Scuff Marks from walls $20

We will remove the scuff marks with a magic eraser. We do not wash the walls. We have learned that NYC apartments have a think layer of city dust on the walls. If this gets wet then it will leave behind dark streaks and make them worse. Only thing that helps is to dry dust them and then paint them.

* Home organizing $40 an hour

Your request and we organize! You must provide the detailed list what you want us to organize.